University of Winchester Academy Trust

Our Ethos and Vision

Successful, aspirational and inclusive learning for everyone

Our ambition is to create academies which are exemplars of values-driven education and which have sustainability at their heart. They will be both a cornerstone of the local community and recognised for their inspirational and evidence-based learning.  

 Vice Chancellor of UoW

What makes our Academy Trust different?

The University of Winchester values of ‘compassion, ‘individuals matter’ and  ‘spirituality’, they underpin our Trust, and are deep rooted in our everyday work.

As an outstanding provider of Teacher Education, the university is committed to providing excellent professional development for all UWinAT staff. This is funded by the university and designed to meet the needs of our schools, according to our annual identified priorities. This is open to all staff and draws on  the latest research informed practice. In 2022 we are launched our first international study opportunity. Five UWinAT staff visited Denmark to work along side colleagues at the University of South Denmark to study early years learning and the use of the outdoors. The visit enabled staff to work with the Lego Education department for a day and to visit schools and other settings. 

The Arts Council England have selected our Trust to be a Creativity Collaborative, this means that with a large grant of 360K over three years, our Trust and invited colleagues from other schools will have access to the very best international experts in this field, Teachers and leaders will be supported with resources to innovate learning and develop a truly inspiring creative pedagogy at the heart of our schools.

Our Trust has ambitions to grow to a medium size (10-12 schools max). We aim to focus our work in primary, we recognise that there are huge opportunities for primary colleagues and leaders to collaborate and support each other. School leaders form a Leadership Board and are able to influence the development and direction of the Trust.

Governing boards from each school form Local Academy Committees. This structure ensures that governors through peer support and attendance at Trust Board / Committees, also have a voice which is valued and listened to by Trustees.


 Individuals Matter


Our school community cares for and respects people, animals and the planet. We are outward looking and have a strong sense of social justice.

Respectful citizens of the world are developed through:

  • Aspiration for all children whatever their background and ability
  • Celebrating difference and diversity, with opportunities to explore different cultures, traditions, customs and beliefs
  • Listening to and respecting all members of our community and the wider world

Individuals who can achieve their potential and who champion fairness are developed through:

  • Showing compassion for all life and social justice in all our activities – for example school food that is fair trade / free range / locally sourced
  • Widening horizons for children and their families and building understanding of our world
  • Working with others, teaching others, and supporting people in need 
In our school, the physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals is important, as are their opinions and views.

Independent and confident individuals are developed through:

  • Personalised learning with individual mentoring and support
  • A supportive environment which values children, staff, parents, carers and families as part of our school community
  • Working with others, teaching others, and supporting people in need

Individuals with a lifelong love of learning are developed through:

  • A culture where leaders, teachers and pupils are enquirers
  • Authentic learning which goes beyond the curriculum – developing understanding of our world
  • Opportunities to develop entrepreneurship and enterprise with local business and third sector organisations
We welcome people of all faiths and none. Our school helps us to grow and flourish mentally, physical and spiritually, as a whole person, learning to be creative and resilient and able to face life’s challenges.

Individuals who appreciate that creativity is a way of working, thinking and being are developed through:

  • Creative learning spaces to explore and experience independence
  • Opportunities to engage with real-world and relevant problems in an imaginative and practical way
  • The freedom to explore and develop passions

Together, we aim to explore the mystery of life and to grow in wisdom and love through:

  • Values rooted in the University’s Christian Foundation but welcoming to those of all faiths and none
  • Creative links with all faith group
  • Fostering empathy with and appreciation of others’ values and cultures